Closing the 'Loop'


Discover how we close the loop on candle waste through our sustainable production, packaging and recycling practices! Recycling candles isn't as easy as tossing the jar in the bin, and it often isn't done at all. We helping to do our part to make a difference and hope to drive awareness with the candle lovers of the world on how to recycle candles properly.

Used candle jars aren't being recycled properly because of the skim of wax we leave in the bottom. Most jars end up in landfill - burned or buried in the earth where they won't decompose for 1 million years. Come on people, let's do better. 
We are collecting old candle jars from our surrounding communities to use for our soy candle collection. By creating an operational model that repurposes waste and uses only renewable resources for product creation, and through our awareness-driving market presence, we are successfully closing the loop on our product waste. 


Candles are in nearly every home on the planet, and have been for hundreds of years. We used to rely on candles for light, and now we use them for the cozy glow and the pleasing scent they can fill a room with. So, when your candle burns out, don't just throw it in the blue bin and cross your fingers. Please take a moment to scrape out the residual wax and the leftover wick (if it’s one of ours - you can compost the wax and wick!) so that the jar can be properly recycled when it arrives at the recycling facility. We've done our research and trust us, there won't be anyone there to scape the wax out for you.  Brace yourself - some 'Know Before You Throw' webpages in Ontario will even advise you to wrap your old candle jar in a cloth and place it in the garbage when you’re finished with it. 

Interested in this issue and want to help make an impact? We would be happy to work with you if you'd like to create a collection depot. Email us at to discuss our recycling opportunities (and candle rewards!).