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Old Jar Home Collection

We make only the coziest things.

Formulated with the finest essential oil blends, the new premium line of Room + Linen Sprays and Room Diffusers from Old Jar offer amazing, flame-free, aromatherapy experiences that will take you around the world. Always all-natural and always handmade with love, these flame free products were made just for you. Travel the world, cozied up in the comforts of home. The best part? Come home to a house that smells like a luxurious candle has been burning all day - but without the worry of flames. 

Our gold wick trimmers offer a little touch of glam to your candle burning experience, and make a great candle gift accessory!

To take the coziness to the next level, be sure to grab one of our beautiful throw blankets. Pre-washed, the wool and polyester blend of our 'Boho Throws' will last through all the best experiences - they make a great  beach picnic blanket, or make a great gift for hockey moms (arena blanket) or my favourite, a cozy boat blanket... 

Our Old Jar Home Collection products are new for us, and we love them. Enjoy!