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The Candle Bundle Deals

When it comes to candles, there are always better in 3's - for all the rooms you love to live in! We've been watching your buying trends, and there are some marvellously-matched up scent bundles that tend to travel together. So we've packed them up and added a $10 discount for you. 

BESTSELLER BUNDLE: Roasted Espresso, London Fog Latte + Mulled Apple Cider 

TAKE ME THERE BUNDLE: Campfire + Canoe, Havana Nights + Seaside Hotel 

FESTIVE AS 'F' BUNDLE: Christmas Market, Evergreen Boughs + Fall Gathering 

Are you the the cafe vibes type? Our 'Bestseller Bundle' has three distinctly cozy, coffee shop scents, that our customers love to enjoy all year long! The perfect kitchen candle combo, the crowd pleasers, trust me, these are the ones to light up when company's coming. 

Always planning a trip and dreaming of your next getaway? Let the aromatherapy sweep you away while you're at home with the 'Take Me There Bundle'! Often bought as a group, these candle scents were inspired by some of my favourite places to unwind, and they must be some of your favourite travel spots too! 

Candle season get hot when sweater weather arrives, right?! We have the 'Festive as F' candle trio available to keep you cozied up and in the celebratory mood all year long. Christmas in July, and April and February...