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About Us

This social enterprise developed out of a love for beautiful, clean burning, natural candles and a true concern for a large-scale, environmental issue that was totally under wraps. Our family makes these candles together, by hand. We also started to spread awareness about the candle waste issue by collecting the old candle jars in our local community to repurpose with our new soy candles.
We're proud that our brand successfully closes the loop on candle waste through our mindful production actions and awareness activities. We operate a 100% sustainable business, using only renewable resources, and we include proper recycling instructions with every candle purchased.
It takes one million years for a glass candle jar to decompose in the earth, and it turns out that most old candle jars end up in landfill because of the wax and wick often left in the bottom of the jar, or because the jar is simply not a recyclable product. So our family is doing our part for a brighter, more sustainable future.
For our family, and for yours.